Welcome to the Massachusetts Refrigeration Technicians/Contractors practice testing site. If you would like to leave me a tip for keeping this site up and free please feel free to click here https://tiptopjar.com/williambellavance

We currenly have two practice quizes for you to take. One is the “Refrigeration Code Prep Quiz”, which contains only the questions from ASHRAE and Mass Boiler codes. The other is the “Refrigeration RT/RC Prep Quiz”, which contains all the questions from the pool of questions that have been compiled over the years.

To get started, click either quiz from the menu above. Once you click into the quiz it defaults to 25 questions, as you can see at the top of the quiz page. This location is also where you can change the amount of questions if you wanted to do less or more questions, currently we support anywhere from 2 – 100 questions. Change the value where you see “Number of Questions:” and then click “Click here to Update question count”. This will refresh the page and update the number of questions. NOTE: Don’t click this if you started the quiz already as it will reset the page.

Quiz Results Settings has been added so you can display the quiz results as the default full quiz with a red X next to the questions you got wrong or just display the wrong answers, as some of you have already seen. Either way when you print, it will print the entire quiz with a red X next to what you got wrong. I also added in add your name to the quiz results if you like, just type your name before taking the test. When you hit “Submit Quiz” your name will be displayed so you can print or print to pdf and sent to your teacher.

Once you have the number of questions you would like and if you want to change any of the results settings, you may proceed on to the quiz. The “Submit Quiz” button will float off to the right while you scroll through the questions. After completing the questions click the “Submit Quiz” button to get your grade. Next it will display your score at the top. Below you will see the quiz in the same order and a red X in front of any wrong answer if you didn’t select the setting. If you like, you can print out your results, This will allow you to review the questions you got wrong. If you have the time and want to quiz again click “Take Quiz Again”, This will bring you back to a new quiz with the same question count and any settings you already changed will be kept unless you refresh the browser, which will cause it all to reset.

Good luck on your quiz and let me know if you come across any issues, you can email me at william at bellavance.co .