Refrigeration RT/RC Prep Quiz

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1: Secondary refrigerants are usually

  • expensive
  • Prestone anti-freeze
  • water or brine
  • alcohol

2: What refrigerant doesn't have to be classifted?

  • R-717
  • R-134a
  • R-711
  • R-718

3: How far from the ground does a relief valve need to be?

  • At least 20' above grade
  • Not more than 3' above grade
  • At least 15' above grade
  • At least 25' above grade

4: Pressure vessels shall be provided with ___________in accordance with Section VIII of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code

  • Pressure vessels need no type of protection as long as it is hydrostatically tested every three months
  • over pressure protection as well as a temperature protection device
  • over pressure protection
  • over pressure protection and a rupture disc

5: Liquid level gauges must be provided with what?

  • A relief valve
  • A red line
  • A low level mark
  • Automatic shut-offs

6: What effect does the temperature of air have on humidity?

  • warmer air holds more moisture then cooler air
  • cooler air holds more moisture then warmer air
  • air has no effect of humidity
  • none of the above

7: The solution that leaves the concentrator in an absorption chiller is referred to as the

  • strong solution
  • absorbed solution
  • diluted solution
  • weak solution

8: A tachometer is an instrument used to measure

  • static pressure
  • speed
  • air velocity
  • RPM

9: An electronic bridge circuit is basically a

  • 24 volt control circuit
  • high voltage circuit
  • suspension
  • Wheatstone

10: Machinery rooms must be vented to ______?

  • outdoors
  • unoccupied spaces
  • neutralizing tank
  • basement

11: System design pressures must take into consideration, not only, pressures found during normal operation but also what?

  • When it's cold out
  • When there is a malfunction on the high side
  • When its warm out
  • All of the above

12: The boiling point of a refrigerant is based on

  • Temperature
  • Heat content
  • a pressure-temperature relationship
  • None of the above.

13: Where must a refrigeration contractor's license number be displayed?

  • Uniforms, checks, and invoices.
  • Truck, office, every job, and on all equipment
  • Trucks, invoices, and advertising
  • Trucks, license plates, and uniforms

14: What is the final dew point temperature when conditioned air at 68F and 40%RH has an increase of moisture content of 25.5 grains per pound: (use psychometric chart)

  • 58.9F
  • 54.2F
  • 60.8F
  • 68.0F

15: Clearance volume

  • has no effect on compressor capacity
  • is the same on all compressors
  • affects compressor capacity
  • varies depending on compressor speed

16: An accumulator can be located between the

  • compressor and condenser
  • evaporator and compressor
  • first stage and second stage compressors
  • condenser and evaporator

17: What does safe access mean?

  • Well-lit exit signs
  • A clear unobstructed path to the equipment and controls
  • Locked doors
  • OSHA approved

18: In a motor, an internal overload might open if

  • there's an open start winding
  • there's an excess current draw through the motor
  • there was a high pressure refrigerant was used for a low pressure system.
  • there's a direct short

19: The location of the thermal bulb for the TXV on the evaporator effects

  • both the pressure and temperature in the feeler bulb
  • the amount of superheat required to operate the TXV
  • the amount of liquid in the evaporator
  • the amount of gas in the evaporator

20: Before replacing a seized compressor, the _______ should be determinded.

  • current draw
  • type of refrigerant
  • cause of seizure
  • designed head pressure

21: An electrical circuit has a 208V power supply and draws 47 amps total, What would be the wattage of the circuit

  • 977.6 watts
  • 9,776 watts
  • .9776 watts
  • 9.776 watts

22: What is the state of the refrigerant leaving the evaporator?

  • a low temperature subcooled liquid
  • a high temperature superheated vapor
  • low temperature superheated vapor
  • a high temperature subcooled liquid

23: A 24 volt transformer with a 240 volt primary can handle how many amps?

  • 20 amps
  • There isn't enough information to answer.
  • 10 amps
  • 24 amps

24: Capacity control on a centrifugal compressor is accomplished by the

  • slide vanes
  • check valves
  • post-rotational guide vanes
  • peroration guide vanes

25: What is the leaving chilled water set point for water chiller systems?

  • 66F
  • 45F
  • 38F
  • 55F